"When a conductor looks back upon his career with a particular band, of the really crucial moments, the signing of key players is right at the top of the list. During my tenure as Musical Director, I invited Glyn Williams to Fodens confident that I had found someone with all the virtues one hopes for in a Solo Euphonium. His vibrant sound, his turn of phrase, gentle and bold in turn, his fearless attack, have all developed over the decade and a half he has occupied that vital chair. Of very few players can one say that they offer a complete experience: Glyn does that and more. He has my unreserved admiration." Howard Snell
“In my role as Composer in Residence with Foden’s Band I have had the opportunity to work closely with a group of great musicians and conductors for the last three years. So many things haver impressed me about Glyn; he has a passion both for music and for Foden’s & the brass band movement, he is totally dedicated, committed and expects equally high standards from those around him. After collaborating together on the piece ‘My Mountain Top’, an opportunity then arose to write Glyn a Concerto. This was challenging, and enjoyable, on one occasion Glyn politely pointing out that the final movement wasn’t virtuosic enough for him! Of course he was right, and I set about re-writing a couple of sections, and then kept my distance!! Technique is one thing, but listen to Glyn in ‘Far Beyond the Stars’ & you experience subtlety of phrasing and sheer emotion. Bravo Glyn, a true musical virtuoso.” Andy Scott
“Glyn is a versatile virtuoso, with a glorious singing Welsh sound! Looking forward to listening to your latest solo album.” Dr. Nicholas Childs
“Glyn Williams is a tremendous natural musician, whether performing a virutoso work on the euphonium, singing in his thrilling Welsh baritone, or increasingly, as a leading brass band conductor. As solo euphonium of Fodens Band and also as an indispensable member of the NYBBGB music staff I have been privileged to work with Glyn for over a decade. He is one of the outstanding brass band musicians of our time.” Bram Tovey