Welcome to Autumn!

 Lots to report from the last couple of months from Glyn & Helen as the business is turned into a Limited Company. There have been a few hiccups as we've sorted out new Bank Accounts etc and cleared up outstanding business on the old account but we think we've got it all sorted now!

After a Summer of teaching (Bolsover & NYBBGB for Glyn) and an exhausting but very enjoyable tour to Australia with Helen's new "adopted" band Cory (See picture) we are back into the swing of "normal" band and work life.

Foden's gained a creditable 4th placing at the British Open at the beginning of September and are now working towards the Royal Albert Hall, National Finals and an exciting CD project with Howard Snell. (Helen & Glyn will both be recording solos). Check out Foden's web site at www.fodensband.co.uk for a list of concerts coming up.

The Lower Section Finals in Cheltenham were a great opportunity to meet & chat with friends......even after Glyn had adjudicated the 2nd Section! He was a brave man heading straight to the trade stand (located in the bar) after the results were announced......however we didn't hear one complaint!

Marsden Band organised and held their first "A Night at the Movies" show with the help of Mike Cotter at the end of September. Complete with costumes, backing tracks, light effects and a narrator the show was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by both band and audience alike. It was a great way to kickstart fundraising for the Band's 125th Anniversary which is in 2014.

Probably the most important news this Autumn is that with the aid of modern technology we can now accept credit cards........all with an iPhone App and a card reader!